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Tutynina Elena Gennad'evna, Senior lecturer, department of law, Buzuluk humanitarian and technological institute, the branch of the Orenburg State University (112 Komsomolskaya street, Buzuluk, Orenburg region, Russia), 

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Background. One of necessary conditions of process of formation and development of the constitutional state is existence in effective and independent, judicial authority. Now in modern Russian judicial authority there are a lot of controversial issues, the decision them in the field of judicial policy has to be promoted by legal acts which would exclude collisions in the area of both the sudoustroystvenny, and sudoproizvodstvenny legislation. Detailed development of problems of legal acts as means of judicial policy, theoretical, standard and practical ensuring their permission will promote high-quality and reasonable planning of the state works in this sphere and also realization of the purposes put in the Constitution of the Russian Federation in the near future. The research objective consists in the general-theoretical analysis of legal acts as means of judicial policy, identification and determination
of problem aspects of realization and development of ways of their optimization.
Materials and methods. A methodological basis of a research is the materialistic dialectics from which position legal acts as means of judicial policy are considered as the phenomenon which is defined by various factors, including political, economic, social, etc. During the conducted research general scientific methods (system approach, the analysis, synthesis) and such private-law methods as comparative and legal and legallistic have been used.
Results. Some problem aspects in a coverage of legal acts which form are analysed and promote implementation of judicial policy in Russia now and also options of solutions of the arisen problems in the field are offered.
Conclusions. On the basis of the analysis of standard and other acts and also materials of judicial and other practice offers on introduction of amendments to the existing acts and also acceptance new have been developed that in total promoted permission of single controversial issues in this sphere. Author’s judgment on separate aspects which concern legal acts as means of formation and implementation of judicial policy is stated. 

Key words

judicial policy, legal acts, justice, jury of assessors, judicial reform, improvement of legal acts 

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